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Direct flight between Azores and Canada

Ponta Delgada and Montreal will have direct flights from 4 April 2024, two months earlier than originally planned. In Tourism, North America, Madeira & Azores - 09 Dec 2023, 20:01

Revenue increases for live shows

In Events, Economy - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Tavira intends to reduce IMI on permanent housing

In Property, Algarve - 09 Dec 2023, 18:02

How much does fish cost in Algarve markets?

In Food & Drink - 09 Dec 2023, 13:01

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09 Dec 2023, 13:01

4 million invested in Aqua Portimão

In News, Algarve - 06 Dec 2023, 08:02

Floodgates placed in Algés

In Lisbon, News - 05 Dec 2023, 18:01

Are the Portuguese open to immigration?

In Tourism - 05 Dec 2023, 17:01

Weekend weather forecast

In News, Portugal - 05 Dec 2023, 16:01

Reinforcing hospitals with medical equipment

In Health - 05 Dec 2023, 19:01

Is Alcochete the best location for the new Lisbon airport?

In News, Economy, Lisbon - 06 Dec 2023, 11:04


Most Viewed

Village for surfers is born between Ericeira and Nazaré

In News, Portugal, Property - 08 Dec 2023, 16:03

Should Humberto Delagado Airport be closed?

In News, Lisbon - 08 Dec 2023, 13:01

Retirement age rises in 2025

In News, Economy - 08 Dec 2023, 14:01

Portimão New Year's Eve program revealed

In Algarve, Events - 08 Dec 2023, 18:01

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08 Dec 2023, 18:01

Property prices rise in the Algarve

Price of houses for sale in the Algarve rose 0.5% in November and it is the second most... In Property, Algarve - 09 Dec 2023, 12:01

Portugal ranks third in Eurodreams sales

The possibility of winning a monthly prize of 20,000 euros for 30 years gets the... In News, Portugal, Economy - 09 Dec 2023, 11:02

Stoneshield invests 50 million in university residences

Stoneshield Capital, owned by Filipe Morenés, son of Santander president Ana Botín, and... In News, Property, Education, Porto & North - 09 Dec 2023, 10:02

Find out which is the leading airport in Portugal

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto was ranked the best airport in Portugal by... In Tourism, Porto & North - 09 Dec 2023, 09:01

“Authentic winter” expected this Christmas

According to Executive Digest, the recent rain and cold are expected to continue until the... In Lifestyle - 09 Dec 2023, 08:01

October air transport reaches 98.2% of 2019 levels

According to data revealed by IATA yesterday the increase in global traffic was dictated... In News, Tourism, Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 20:01

Millennium Estoril Open

Casper Ruud, defending champion of the Millennium Estoril Open, is the first star to be... In News, Portugal, Sport - 08 Dec 2023, 17:02

New Lusíadas hospital in Paços de Ferreira

According to Sapo, the new Lusíadas Saúde Hospital in Paços de Ferreira will create... In News, Porto & North, Health - 08 Dec 2023, 15:01

Public transport becoming more popular

In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 12:01

Housing prices: An obstacle for the homeless

In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 11:01

Calls for an end to heavy vehicle traffic at Batalha Monastery

In News, Central - 08 Dec 2023, 09:01

Portugal amongst top 3 fastest growing knowledge economies of Europe

In News, Portugal, Economy - 07 Dec 2023, 17:01

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Trilobites Discovery

Ten newly discovered species of trilobites, hidden for 490 million years on the island of Ko Tarutao in Thailand, could be the... In Asia, World, Environment - 09 Dec 2023, 19:31


According to modelling by Australian scientists, plants could absorb more of our CO2... In World, Environment - 09 Dec 2023, 15:31

60% of bank customers consider the commissions high

In News, Finance - 09 Dec 2023, 14:01

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The versatility of chestnuts

It’s that time of the year when chestnuts may be bought almost everywhere. But did you know that this fruit may be eaten in many... In Food & Drink, Portugal - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Have you ever had a team building experience?

Is this a ‘thing’ anymore? In Opinion

Housing in Portugal

Challenges and Solutions for a Sustainable Future In Property, Portugal

“The Filigree Master’s Apprentice”

In Lifestyle


‘Caesar’s Palace’

No. Not the Vegas place. The Pet Park one. Gary and Wendy have arranged a total wipe-out for the Christmas celebrations. Musak,... In Community, Events, Algarve - 08 Dec 2023, 18:01

Portugal: A Natural Beauty

The Algarve is known for its natural beauty, with many diverse outdoor activities on offer... In Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 12:01

Hotel occupancy in the Algarve is looking "very good"

In News, Tourism, Algarve - 07 Dec 2023, 16:02

Editor's Choice

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

In News, Portugal - 27 Nov 2023, 19:05

Changes to tax regime for non-habitual residents approved

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2023, 17:23

7 Places to Retire in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 25 Nov 2023, 20:02


Real Estate

Real estate sales and prices are foreseen to increase across Canada in 2024.  In North America, World - 09 Dec 2023, 17:31

Rancho Cielo

Judge John Phillips had lost count of the number of minors he had sent through the... In North America, World - 09 Dec 2023, 16:31

Unemployment  rate  falling

Unemployment Rises

In Europe, World - 09 Dec 2023, 12:31


Combatting Mold with Drymat: A Health-Promoting Venture in Portugal

Mould, a silent adversary in many Portuguese homes, thrives in damp conditions often caused by rising damp, where groundwater... In Business, Property - 09 Dec 2023, 13:01

2023 And Beyond: Embracing The Horizon and Staying Proactive in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury real estate, the Golden Triangle - encompassing... In Property, Business - 08 Dec 2023, 11:01

Government reimburses losses from bad weather

In News, Portugal, Economy - 07 Dec 2023, 08:02


Branded Residences: Unveiling Lisbon’s new level of city living… and ownership

by Nathália Guimarães In Invest - 30 Nov 2023, 14:01

The True Impact and Implications of Ending the NHR Regime

by Roman Carel, Founder of Athena Advisers In Invest - 02 Nov 2023, 11:31

Golden Visa – New Measures

In Invest - 23 Oct 2023, 16:31

Algarve's Best-Kept Secrets: Unveiling Its Serene and Wild Side

In Invest - 02 Oct 2023, 15:01

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Visa predicts travel trends for 2024

According to Visa, after the pandemic, the tourism and travel sector will experience significant growth, despite possible price... In News, Tourism - 07 Dec 2023, 14:01

Exploring Portugal's Rich History: 7 Historical Sites Every Student Should Visit

As a student, you might already know much about Portugal’s unique history and traditions... In Portugal, Lifestyle, Tourism - 07 Dec 2023, 13:01

Cruise operators come under fire due to tourist tax

In News, Tourism, Lisbon - 06 Dec 2023, 12:02


"The Azores must ban construction in areas of high seismic risk"

The Court of Auditors (TdC) warns that the Azores must ban construction in areas of high seismic risk. In News, Madeira & Azores, Property - 07 Dec 2023, 10:02

Gondomar Council to build affordable rentals

The City Council of Gondomar, in the district of Porto, will build 42 homes for affordable... In Property, Porto & North - 06 Dec 2023, 15:01

Property of the Week: Unique 3 bed Farmhouse with heated pool, located in Salicos, Carvoeiro

In Property, Algarve - 06 Dec 2023, 13:31

Navigating the future of NHR in Portugal: A Closer Look at Legislative Developments

In Portugal, Property - 04 Dec 2023, 12:01

Madeira and Algarve Gaining Popularity Among Germans and Others!

In Property, Portugal - 04 Dec 2023, 09:01

Other News

Craft & Design Fair In The RDS Dublin

The Contemporary Craft and Design Fair, Gifted, is taking place in Dublin and features a... In Ireland - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Medical Device

A team of South Korean student inventors has been awarded the 2023 James Dyson Award for... In Asia, Health - 09 Dec 2023, 18:31

Air Quality

The air quality forecast is important for people with asthma and heart conditions who are... In Ireland - 09 Dec 2023, 14:01

New Homes Getting Planning Permission Up 43%

According to new data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the number of homes with... In Ireland - 09 Dec 2023, 14:01

Siemens Energy

The German government is putting €7.5bn of taxpayer cash on the table to secure the... In Europe, World - 09 Dec 2023, 09:31

Wealth Tax

The new(ish) activist group Patriotic Millionaires UK, projected calls for a wealth tax on... In United Kingdom, Europe - 09 Dec 2023, 08:31