However, experience says that the relationship between a human and a cat is not so linear. Animals can be quite affectionate and show many signs that they love their owner, as their owner loves them.

Cats, despite being domesticated, continue to have a great wild instinct, so the demonstrations of love can be a little violent, such as biting when being rubbed, but they are compensated with very cute pets.

The vibrant sound of purring

In cartoons, children's books and, of course, those who have cats at home, you will have certainly heard a purr and found it a pleasant and very soothing sound. Cats only purr when they feel safe and comfortable, so if after the owner caresses the animal starts to purr, the news is good. If a cat purrs next to its owner, it is a sign that it feels happy and in a very safe place.

Knead the bread in your belly

Who has never seen a cat move its paws, alternately, on a pillow, on a piece of clothing, or better yet, on the owners belly? According to experts, it is a primitive instinct that reminds them of the moments after birth, when they were breastfed. The “kneading the bread” movement reveals, once again, trust and a feeling of security between the cat and the owner. Certain experts also claim that this movement serves as a way to leave the cat's scent on the owner so that it is always recognised as a haven.

Offers gifts

Cats are natural hunters and are always looking for a reason to satisfy their needs. If it is a wild cat, which roams free, it can come home with an animal it has hunted and deliver it to its owner, as if to show that in a threat the cat will be able to protect its owner, as it may feel that whoever takes care of it will not be able to fend off a threat. In the case of apartment cats, the same can happen, with their favourite toy, or even with some insects that enter the house.

Ways to communicate

Like humans, cats have verbal and non-verbal communication. Of course, they will not form sentences with verbs but will meow if necessary. Anyone who knows their cat will certainly understand what he wants to communicate to the owner, according to the tone of the animal's meow. But what makes meowing more interesting is that, apart from the mother, cats only meow at humans, they rarely meow to communicate with other cats.

The position of the tail also says a lot about the feelings that the cat has for its owner. If the cat is sleeping away from the owner and suddenly you start to see a raised tail with a small fold at the end, just like a question mark, it is good to be prepared to offer to pamper a cat that is suddenly needy.

Always be around

When a cat does not let go of its owner, and follows him everywhere, even in moments of greater privacy, it is a sign that there is a lot of love floating in the air. The peak is when cats look for their owners to sleep next to their owners every night. Cats only sleep in safe places and if they curl up on their owner when they want to sleep a restful night, it's a sign that love is infinite and there is a very strong bond between them.


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