In a note published on its website, the MP of Coimbra reported that the woman was charged with a crime of aggravated drug trafficking, having been initially questioned on Tuesday.

"The Court found strong evidence that, between April and August 2021, the defendant introduced cocaine into the Coimbra Prison, through postal packages addressed to a prisoner serving time there," he said.

During this period, through another person, the accused sent four postal orders containing cocaine, disguised in clothes, to Coimbra Prison, with a view to its distribution to inmates, in exchange for money.

After the first interrogation, the Criminal Investigation Judge determined that the defendant was obliged to periodically appear before the police on a daily basis, as well as being prohibited from visiting any prison establishment and from having contact with inmates.

It was also determined that she was "forbidden to have contact with the other defendant".

The 32-year-old woman had already been convicted, in 2020, for the crime of minor drug trafficking, with a suspended prison sentence.

The investigation is led by the 1st Section of Coimbra Department of Investigation and Prosecution, with the assistance of the Board of the Centre of the Judicial Police (PJ).