The most recent annual study on the main trends in the labour market for the next year by Michael Page, addressed several sectors, including the hotel and tourism sector, which registered a “gradual growth throughout the year and record billings at times compared to 2019”.

The recovery in the hotel and tourism sector also led to the resumption of investment projects, which led to an “increase in international investment in Portugal, especially in the area of ​​hotels and local accommodation, with emphasis on private investments and smaller chains that saw enormous potential for the development of their businesses”.

According to the study by Michael Page and reported by Publituris, with the recovery, “salaries have become more competitive” and there is now “a greater capacity for attracting candidates, in a market where the offer is considerably greater than the professionals available”.

For this reason, adds the recruitment company, the “difficulty in recruiting profiles for the hotel and tourism sector was even more accentuated in 2022”, which led to “a slight salary increase in this sector” and the “implementation of other measures with benefits for employees”, such as fixed or combined days off, free weekends per month, health insurance or food subsidy.

“As a salary reference, a General Director of Operations can earn up to €110,000 and a Hotel Director up to €90,000, both in the Lisbon area”, estimates the company, which also says that, in the hotel and tourism sector, salaries in more operational functions increased between 5% and 10%.