The weekend will also bring new warnings for the highlands, this time due to snow. Overnight from Saturday to Sunday, snow is forecast on the highlands above 1,000 metres in Guarda, Castelo Branco, Vila Real, and Viseu.

This warning will be in effect in the four districts between 9pm on Saturday and 6am on Sunday and the IPMA warns of the possibility of road closures, damage to structures or trees, or local supplies being impaired.

As for temperatures, the weekend is bringing more low temperatures. The IPMA forecast is for a drop in temperature, especially in the North and Centre, with the minimum oscillating on Saturday between 4ºC and 5ºC in the North and even reaching 1ºC in Guarda.

With regard to maximums, they will vary between 9ºC in Bragança and Viseu and 18ºC in Sagres.

On Sunday there should be a small increase in the maximum temperature, except in the northeast of Trás-os-Montes and Beira Alta, with the thermometers reaching 21ºC in the Algarve and 19ºC in Lisbon and Alentejo. In Braga and Porto, maximum temperatures are not expected to exceed 14 degrees.