According to a report by CNN Portugal, users of the streaming platform have already received a message reporting the changes and some even came across a message on the screen: "Each Netflix account is intended to be used by people who live in the same location" when trying to access the platform. "If this account is yours, on the next screen we will help you configure its main use".

But when do the changes take effect? According to Netflix, it will be necessary to configure the main location by February 21. "Anyone who resides in your main location can use this Netflix account. We will help you to configure this on your TV", according to the email sent by the streaming platform, which also adds that it will be possible "to continue streaming on your personal devices or signing into your Netflix account on a new TV (for example, in a hotel or vacation home)".

According to Netflix, it will also be possible to check the activity of devices associated with the account on a new page, as well as transfer a profile - "anyone who uses your account can transfer a profile to a new membership paid for by it" - and buy one additional membership option for an additional €3.99 per month.

In the statement released on the 8th, Netflix said that it has always facilitated account sharing "between people who live in the same house", but noted that these features - of different profiles and simultaneous screens - "generated some confusion about when and how Netflix can be shared".

"Over the last year, we have explored different approaches to solving this problem in Latin America and now the time has come to extend the implementation of this functionality, starting today, to other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain . Our focus has been on giving our members control over who has access to their account".


If, until the 21st of February, the location is not defined by the user, the service will define it automatically "based on the IP address, device ID and account activity", states Netflix, which highlights an important caveat: "If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks, it is possible that only one is recognised with your primary location. Devices connected to Wi-Fi networks from different ISP accounts or having different external IP addresses may be blocked and blocked from watching Netflix. Make sure you set or update your primary location from a device connected to your preferred or most commonly used Wi-Fi network".

Further detailing how it detects whether a device belongs to a main location, Netflix says that "it uses information, such as IP addresses, device identifiers, and account activity, to determine whether a device logged in to your account is associated with your primary location". The service emphasises that it does not collect GPS data to determine the physical location of your devices.

Price increases

As of February 21, the pricing of Netflix plans will be updated, providing a Base plan (7.99 euros/month), Standard (11.99 euros/month) or Premium (15.33 euros/month). You can only add one additional member if you subscribe to the Standard plan and two if you subscribe to the Premium plan.