"A small basket with 16 essential products on the Portuguese Christmas table, such as cod, turkey, wine or olive oil, could this year cost 50.78 euros, 4.41 euros more than in 2022", says DECO.

Data from DECO Proteste indicates that "food prices have risen across the board", but just a few days before Christmas dinner "it is the prices of extra virgin olive oil, red potatoes, cabbage and flour that contribute the most to increase supermarket spending compared to 2022."

"On the 20th of December, a 75-centiliter bottle of extra virgin olive oil cost 10.17 euros, 4.28 euros more (73%) more than in 2022. Red potatoes increased by 16% compared to 2022. On the 20th of December of this year, a kilo of this vegetable cost 1.35 euros, 18 cents more per kilo than exactly a year ago. In cabbage, the increase was 18 cents per kilo (13% more), to 1.60 euros per kilo "Flour for cakes is 19 cents (12%) more expensive compared to 2022. On December 20, it cost 1.80 euros", indicates DECO Proteste.

In addition to extra virgin olive oil, red potatoes, cabbage and cake flour, the prices of white sugar and chocolate bars have also increased compared to last year, which could increase spending on Christmas sweets.

"A packet of white sugar increased by 14 cents (plus 9%), to 1.73 euros. A bar of chocolate, in turn, cost 1.86 euros on December 20th, 14 cents more (plus 8%) than in 2022", he says.

What has fallen in price?

However, there is also good news: "Although the Christmas basket is more expensive compared to 2022, there are eight products on this shopping list that have become cheaper from one year to the next", indicates DECO Proteste. They are the following:

- Cooking oil was 1.01 euros cheaper. A bottle cost, on December 20th of this year, 1.87 euros.

- White wine fell by 27 cents between December 21, 2022 and December 20, 2023. On December 20, 2023, a bottle cost 2.42 euros.

- Semi-skimmed milk fell by 8 cents. On December 20, 2023, a package costs 89 cents.

- The traditional bread roll (carcaça) is 1 cent cheaper compared to a year ago and now costs 19 cents.

- The price of Carolina rice fell 13 cents last year, to 1.91 euros.

- The turkey leg dropped 17 cents per kilo. On December 20, 2023 it cost 4.33 euros.

- Eggs were 6 cents cheaper. This week, a box of six eggs cost 1.53 euros.

- Pineapple fell by 2 cents per kilo. On December 20, a kilo of this fruit cost 1.43 euros.