The data is according to the latest study by (Q1,2022), which calculated a ‘navigation failure score’ out of 100 for 216 global cities.

The score considers factors that can contribute to driver accuracy, safety and journey times, such as the access to Map apps and real-time travel and traffic updates. To determine the score, they analysed the total number of GPS satellite failures, internet download speeds and internet latency within each city.

Lisbon ranks 10th

With a score of 63.20/100, Lisbon, Portugal is the 10th city drivers are most likely to experience navigation failure in. The Portuguese capital only experienced 5 GPS satellite failures, the fifth lowest across Europe. However, Lisbon had the fifth highest number of tests with high internet latency (0.23%) – just 0.21% behind Luxembourg in first (0.44%).

European cities

With a score of 91.97/100, can reveal that drivers are most likely to experience GPS signal loss and slow mobile internet in Sofia, Bulgaria. With 37 instances of GPS signal failure in Q1 2021, the capital also had the highest percentage (0.85%) of slow download speed across Europe. This can stop drivers from accessing digital maps and traffic information when on the road. Only 0.03% behind Luxembourg (0.44%) in top spot, Sofia had the second-highest percentage (0.41%) of tests with internet latency higher than 200ms (milliseconds). This can further result in slow response and consequently a map navigation delay.

Barcelona, Spain, has the second highest navigation failure score at 90.83/100. The city experienced 82% more GPS satellite failures (67) than Sofia between January and April 2021. However, drivers in Barcelona are less likely to have internet speed issues than those in the Bulgarian capital. On average, 0.43% of tests in Barcelona resulted in a slow download speed - 0.42% less than Sofia (0.85%) and 0.15% more than the country's capital, Madrid (0.28%). found Stockholm, Sweden is the third European city that drivers are most likely to experience signal loss in, with a navigation failure score of 88.53/100. Stockholm experienced the second highest number of GPS signal failures in Europe (103), just 59% fewer than Helsinki, Finland in top spot (254). The Scandinavian capital also had the fourth-highest percentage of tests with a slow download speed (0.34%) - just 0.09% fewer than Barcelona in third.

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