Between September 29th of last year and February 18th, 1,975,078 seasonal boosters were given against Covid-19 and 2,480,635 against the flu.

The majority of vaccines against Covid-19 were given in pharmacies, almost 1.4 million. In the last seven days, in pharmacies and the National Health Service (SNS), there were 6,406 more people vaccinated.

The majority of flu vaccines were also administered in pharmacies, 1,736,379, compared to 743,422 in the NHS. In total, over 4,838 people were vaccinated in the two locations in the last seven days.

Regarding the number of vaccines per age group, DGS data reveal that vaccination coverage is higher in influenza.

Of the total number of people aged 60 or over, vaccination coverage stands at 66.04%, while in relation to Covid-19 it reaches 55.84%.

The DGS reduced the age eligible for the flu vaccine to 50 years old and the director general has already admitted that it can reduce it even further and cover people aged 45 and over. However, he stressed that the current priority continues to be the vaccination of citizens aged 60 and over.