In the heart of one of Carvoeiro’s most buzzing streets is the ‘Garden Carvoeiro / Restaurante & Lounge’, and exquisite restaurant which brings together, in one place, the best of Portugal’s land and sea.

Opened in 2021, the restaurant, owned by Fábio, can be described by its attention to detail – this could be regarding the food quality and presentation, the indoor and outdoor decoration of the establishment, or even all the extra little details they showcase through the way they treat their clients.

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Once I stepped inside the restaurant's entrance area, I was fascinated by its uniqueness – I could see myself spending some quality time outdoors on a summer night whilst enjoying a drink. The restaurant is divided into three different areas – an outdoor area, an enclosed patio, and an indoor room, which was perfectly occupied with couples, families, and groups of friends in a balanced mix of locals and tourists. I was happy to experience the indoor part of the restaurant, as we went there on a chilly February evening.

Credits: TPN; Author: Sara J. Durães;

A place where you meant to “Savour the Food with Time”, were the words used by the owner to describe the type of service they provide, and after enjoying a full course – with starters, main dish, and dessert - during a period of almost four hours, I can only say that I make his words, my own.

Local produce

Once we sat down, we had a look at the wine menu, and we were invited to try their Premium glass of Red Wine and White Wine - Ardila - a renowned wine from the Alentejo region. It was a great suggestion, I must admit.

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Both the drink and food menus are quite extensive, offering plenty of options for all tastes and dietary restrictions with each dish presented in the menu having extra information regarding if it is vegetarian, gluten free or mild spicy, a little detail which massively facilitates the ultimate decision. Additionally, they present you with the possibility of ordering sharing plates or even special options for children.

We decided to try the traditional ‘Merendinha’ - Couvert for two - which included a mix of homemade sardine patê, sweat & sour homemade tomato jam, butter, Algarvian style olives and carrots, olive oil and finally regional bread from Monchique.

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It was superb, and we hadn’t even started with the Portuguese charcuterie platter for two “a must-try” as some clients have mentioned in the restaurant’s review. Once again, the helpful waiter emphasised that all the food items presented were produced locally.

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One of the most important factors, which in my opinion makes this restaurant stand out from the others I’ve tried in the region, is the way they incorporate traditional recipes and dishes from the Algarve and Portugal, with some world food ingredients as curry or tagliatelle and make them their own – Tagliatelle Garden and Red Curry Prawns are good examples.

It was a hard decision choosing between all the main dish options available, but as we wanted to try something which you won’t be able to find almost anywhere else, with some advice from the owner, we decided to go for one of the best sellers - ‘Bife À Portuguesa / Portuguese Style Steak’. A traditional Portuguese dish composed of Angus beef with special round-shaped fried potatoes and ham in an olive oil, garlic, and bay leaf sauce, which is prepared by them following the “traditional recipe”, one that he wasn’t allowed to reveal.

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The other dish we decided to try, once again trying to stick with something local, was the ‘Gambas à Carvoeiro / Carvoeiro Style Prawns’, which honours the village. A beautifully presented dish made of prawns served with French fries, immersed in the ‘Chef’s style sauce’ which tastes like a rich mid-spicy vegetal-made creamy sauce.

The best of both worlds

Whilst having a look at the restaurants’ reviews online, while we appreciated the wine and the food, comments like, “this meal was by far one of the best I’ve had in Portugal”, stood out and were quickly becoming a reality. Having the opportunity to try both dishes was like experiencing the best of both worlds – the intensity of a medium-well beef in a Portuguese traditional sauce representing what the land has to offer, and the soft taste of prawns in a powerful combination of flavours, representing the sea.

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Once it was time to enjoy a dessert, we had the pleasure to try the ‘Strawberry Delight’, which wasn’t one of the options in the menu, but which we were, gratefully, invited to try. It was, for real, one the best desserts I’ve ever had. The perfect quantity of fresh strawberries together with the white chocolate cream was the perfect combination – a great way to finish an extremely pleasant meal.

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Not only does ‘Garden Carvoeiro’ offers generous portions of delicious eye-catching food, as it puts a lot of effort in keeping everything tidy and clean. The minimalistic thoughtful design incorporates traditional elements, a wall wine rack, and elegant wooden decoration details. The tables are spread across the large cosy room, which provides a private feel to it, truthfully, thinking about their client’s well-being.

Credits: TPN; Author: Sara J. Durães;

Besides all of it, the restaurant also offers live music on Saturday nights, with local artists performing anything from violin shows, acoustic covers, to Fado. The establishment also has a bar/lounge area which is open during the summer.

Open Monday to Saturday, for dinners only, this is the place to eat, to drink, to be. A truly remarkable dining experience.

Kitchen opening hours:

Low-season (from 1 October): 5.30pm - 10pm

High-season (from 15 June): 6pm - 11pm


Website: (coming soon)


After studying Journalism for five years in the UK and Malta, Sara Durães moved back to Portugal to pursue her passion for writing and connecting with people. A ‘wanderluster’, Sara loves the beach, long walks, and sports. 

Sara J. Durães