“The 'Open House' modality is now available for seasonal reinforcement against covid-19 for people aged 70 or over, once again lowering the age group, so that more users can travel to places of vaccination without an appointment”, the SPMS said in a statement, informing that this regimen is also available for the flu vaccine.

From the beginning of the autumn/winter campaign, on September 7, until Monday, more than 1.8 million peole were vaccinated against covid-19 and more than 1.8 million against the flu, in mainland Portugal, of the of which more than 1.4 million received both vaccines at the same time.

The seasonal booster campaign, which takes place in several vaccination centres across the country, will last until December, with the priority of protecting the most vulnerable people, preventing serious illness, hospitalisation and death.

“The goal is to vaccinate 3 million eligible people this year and therefore the importance of adherence to vaccination is reinforced, in particular the most vulnerable, to be better protected for the coming months”, stress the SPMS.