According to IEP data, after Latvia (30.6%), Portugal (26.8%) is the country, among 34, with the highest rate of female inventors in the last decade, between 2010 and 2019. In the table appear Germany and Luxembourg (10.0%), Liechtenstein (9.6%) and Austria (8.0%).

The data is based on the patent registration made with the institute.

In the case of Portugal, 26.8% of patent applications were submitted by women, equivalent to twice the European average, with universities and public research centres leading the way in the number of female inventors (36%, almost twice the average European).

The data reveals that chemistry is the area with the most female inventors (42.3% in Portugal and 22.4% in Europe) and mechanical engineering the one with the least (13.4% in Portugal and 5.2% in Europe ).

According to the IEP, the rate of female inventors in Europe (13.2%) is higher than in Japan (9.5%), but lower than in South Korea (28.3%), China (26, 8%) and the United States (15.0%).

Cited in a statement, the president of the IEP, António Campinos, highlights "the progress made towards greater inclusion" of women "in the field of patents", but recognises that "more needs to be done".

"The promotion of women in science and innovation remains a major challenge for Europe, and yet this is a key factor in its future sustainability and competitiveness", he maintained

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