This lovely, friendly spacious venue, is in the open countryside of Senhora do Verde. Book lunch direct + 351 282 471769. As usual, you can expect the Christmas specials, home-made designer items, to provide this special Fayre with thought and care. Wreathes, Baby clothes. Peg bags. Keyrings. Scrummy, special shortbread cookies, jams, preserves, chutneys. Christmas Cards and 2023 Calendars. Alongside, glassware, ornaments, and jewellery, maybe the very thing you are looking for as a gift. A cuddly toy. Or indeed, a special something for yourself!

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, spends all its time raising money for the care and welfare of the animals, homed or abandoned and needing help. SNiP is their special programme for Neutering and Spaying of dogs and cats. A worthwhile, important community group, helping where they can, how they can. Contact Jenny. Pop-In, Snap up, and help SNiP!

For more information, please email