"In European, it is in Portugal where the 'purpose' of the work that is performed daily is most valued. However, 38% of the Portuguese admit that they do not feel fulfilled in this aspect", according to a statement reported by Notícias ao Minuto.

The results reveal that the "purpose associated with work is a crucial parameter for the Portuguese, being above the global average of appreciation of this aspect".

"To the question 'What is the degree of importance of purpose in work, on a scale from 1 to 10?', the Portuguese presented an average response of 9.1, while the European average was fixed at 8.8".

On the other hand, "it is also possible to perceive that Portugal is far below the global average (71%) when it comes to meeting this purpose. More worrying data reveals that in the ages between 55 and 64 years old, only about half of employees feel some purpose in their work".

This study is based on a survey conducted on a sample of more than 5,600 respondents, from eight different countries and working in 15 different industries. In Portugal, the sample consisted of 1,530 workers.