A basket of essential food items continues to rise in price, with it currently costing €212.76, according to a weekly price monitoring carried out by DECO Proteste.

In the last week, between the 16th and 23rd of November, the ten products with the biggest price increases were:

Horse mackerel (24% more);

Deep-frozen peas (up 18%);

Ground roasted coffee (13% more);

Sea bass (11% more);

Cereal flakes (9% more);

Golden bream (8% more);

Extra virgin olive oil (plus 8%);

Pork sausages (plus 6%);

Hake medallions (plus 6%);

Dried garlic (plus 4%).

"A basket of essential foodstuffs currently costs €29.13 more than it cost nine months ago", says the consumer protection organisation.

According to DECO, "meat and dairy are the categories with the biggest increases in the last nine months, of 20.79% and 19.41%, respectively. However, the increases have been felt in all analysed food categories".

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