According to the national drug regulator (Infarmed), the batches in question are A841E, A841F, A841G, B841D, B841E, B841F, B841G and B841H.

Infarmed recommends, according to the measures provided by the manufacturer, the "immediate interruption of the ophthalmic solution and its return to the acquisition establishment" although, according to the evaluation carried out by the pharmaceutical company, "the effectiveness and performance" of the drops are not affected, not constituting a health risk.

The collection of targeted batches began "after a decrease in the predicted concentration of ectoine, the main component of the solution, and the presence of degradation products of this substance were identified".

To date, according to Infarmed, "no cases of incidents associated with the use of these lots have been reported".

However, Infarmed advises, "in case of any unwanted side effect, such as eye irritation or conjunctivitis, contact a health professional".

Ectodol Eye Drops work by "reducing inflammation of the conjunctiva and regenerating irritated and sensitive conjunctiva".