“This was the year in which everything was surpassed, both in terms of sales and in terms of affluence”, even in relation to 2019, the pre-pandemic year, advances the Associação Portuguesa de Centros Comerciales (APCC). Sales in physical stores in shopping centres “grew 12% compared to sales in 2021”, adds the association, which refers specifically to the Black Weekend period (weekend starting on the “real” Black Friday – 25th of November – and ended this Monday), according to a report by ECO.

However, the highlight goes to online sales, where the Portuguese spent more than a fifth of the amount (22%), surpassing the 18% recorded in 2021, reveals the SIBS Analytics report.

Discounts existed throughout the month, but it was on the 25th and 26th of November that more sales were registered, mainly between 5 pm and 6 pm, clarifies the report by the national network for accepting national and foreign cards Reduniq, a brand of Unicre.

According to the data, this year card billing increased compared to the previous year (11%). However, the average value of purchases decreased from 42.7 euros (in 2021) to 40.4 euros (in 2022), adds SIBS.

Even so, the final sales result was “above expectations”, guarantees Worten, whose campaign started at the end of October and lasted until the 28th of November, thus including Cyber Monday.