Preliminary data from Porto City Council indicates that the Porto Municipal Tourist Tax for the year 2022, which ended this Saturday, will reach “15 million euros in revenue”.

The final values will be calculated throughout the month of January and, therefore, “there may be fluctuations in this estimate”.

In 2021, TMT Porto’s revenue was 4.8 million euros, 16% less than in 2020 (5.7 million) and 68% less (15 million) than in 2019.

With an estimate of 15 million euros of TMT in 2022, the city of Porto once again registers revenue similar to that recorded in 2019, the year in which tourism in the North region recorded 11 million overnight stays and 600 million euros in income, having been considered one of the best tourist years ever in the region.

Porto’s municipal tourist tax came into force on March 1, 2018, with a value of two euros per night and is applied to guests over 13 years of age, who stay for a maximum of seven nights in a row. In that first year of charging the TMP, the municipality raised 10.4 million euros, which were applied to "more than 5.2 million overnight stays", revealed to Lusa, at the time, the Councillor for Economy.

Since November 24, 2022, citizens with disabilities, pilgrims, social housing or refugees are exempt from paying the TMT in Porto.