Lisbon: The weekend is to be mainly dry with intermittent cloud cover and average daily highs of 16 degrees. From Monday the rain is to return, although showers are to be light and sunny spells are also forecast. It is to dry out again by Wednesday when temperatures are to peak at average highs of 15 degrees.

The north: Rain is to continue in the north although some sunny periods are predicted for the weekend when temperatures are to hit highs of 16 degrees and drop to lows of 5 degrees. The weather will remain the same for the following week with mild days averaging 13 degrees and chilly nights.

The centre: Mild day time temperatures, averaging 13 degrees, are forecast over the weekend with intermittent cloud cover and sunny spells. On Monday some rain showers are expected but by Tuesday the days will be mainly sunny with average daily highs of 12 degrees and lows of 4 degrees.

The south: Saturday is to be sunny and bright with thermometers hitting 18 degrees and dropping to lows of 8 degrees. On Sunday there will some cloud cover but it will remain mild with no chance of rain. Temperatures are to drop slightly from Monday down to average highs of 16 degrees and lows of 8 degrees.

Madeira: Saturday is to be dry and bright with highs of 21 degrees while on Sunday there will be a good chance of rain. From Monday the sunny spells are to increase while daily highs are to average 20 degrees with nightly lows of 16 degrees.

The Azores: Rain is forecast for Saturday when temperatures are to peak at 17 degrees with lows of 12 degrees. Sunday is to be mainly dry and bright with the cloud cover decreasing as the week progresses.