In a balance sheet of the operation “Polícia Sempre Presente: Festas em Segurança 2022-2023”, which took place between December 16 and January 2, the Public Security Police states that an average of 49 arrests were made per day, for a total of 886, namely 320 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 225 for lack of legal qualification to drive and 77 for drug trafficking.

According to the PSP, around 538,600 individual doses of drugs, mostly cannabis, were also seized, in addition to complying with 109 arrest warrants.

During this period, the PSP carried out 129 inspection operations, which were especially aimed at commercial establishments selling fireworks, due to the high demand and use during this period.

According to the PSP, 37 infractions were detected, 20 of which related to the violation and non-compliance with the duties and rules foreseen for economic operators, such as possession, transport, and storage of pyrotechnic articles in disrespect of the regulations in force and with the use of in violation of the prescriptions contained in the respective labels.

Following the inspection actions, the PSP seized more than 25,600 pyrotechnic articles, around 19 kilograms of explosives, and 25 weapons.

During the operation, the PSP carried out 1,683 inspection operations in the field of road safety, aimed at the security of nightlife and entertainment areas and private security.

In terms of road safety, the PSP inspected around 58,455 vehicles and registered more than 10,800 infractions, having detected 224 drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and 1,089 vehicles circulating on public roads without inspection, in addition to having registered 276 notices of an administrative offence for lack of mandatory insurance, 128 for not wearing a seat belt and 220 for using a mobile phone while driving, one of the main causes of road accidents.