The head of state announced that this proposal would be sent to the parliament by means of a note published on the Presidency's website, after receiving a favourable opinion from the government.

"After hearing the Government, which had proposed it and pronounced itself in favour at the end of the morning, the President of the Republic has just sent to the Assembly of the Republic, for its authorization, the draft decree declaring a state of emergency for 15 days, from 9 to 23 November", reads the note.

The state of emergency, according to the same note: “allows the Government to take certain measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic namely: the possibility for the Government to impose restrictions on movement in certain places at certain times, particularly in the municipalities in risk; the use, if necessary and preferably by agreement, of means of health from the private, social and cooperative sectors, with due compensation; the mobilization of workers, as well as the Armed and Security Forces, to strengthen health authorities in epidemiological and screening surveys; and the possibility of measuring body temperature, by non-invasive means, and imposing tests on access to certain services and equipment”.