In a statement, the GNR police said that during the “Thunder 2020” operation, in which several Portuguese entities participated with support from Interpol, 159 investigative and/or inspection actions were carried out in Portugal.

156 animals were inspected, 10 administrative offenses were recorded and 84 birds were seized, including 12 canaries, two gray parrots, two black rooks and a crow.

According to GNR, a guiana capuchin monkey, a red deer, three common muntiac deer, four chitals (“Axis axis”) and three black antelopes were also seized.

At the international level, 699 people were arrested in connection with this operation and more than 45,500 live specimens were recovered, including: 1,400 turtles and tortoises (6,000 eggs), 1,160 birds, 1,800 reptiles, 15,878 plants, more than 2,000 seizures of fauna and flora specimens, more than 1,300 kilograms of ivory and more than 1,000 kilograms of Pangolin scales.

The actions taken during the operation were aimed at combating illegal trade and crimes against wildlife, especially fauna and flora.

The national coordination of this operation, encouraged by Interpol, counted on the participation of GNR and the Tax and Customs Authority in close collaboration with the PSP, Judicial Police, Nature and Forestry Conservation Institute (ICNF), Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary ( DGAV) and Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE).