The census can be filled out at t using the codes from the letters that were delivered to your post office boxes by the approximately 11,000 enumerators and all answers must reflect your living situations on the 19th of April, the census day.

In addition to online, citizens can use the support number 210 542 021 to help them, they can use the e-counter at their parish council or, as a last resort, fill out the classic paper questionnaires delivered by enumerators, who will follow a “strict protocol Public Health ” because of the covid-19 pandemic.

As of 31 May, enumerators will conduct a second round of visits to houses that has not yet responded to try to collect responses by means other than the Internet. On 27 April, INE had already received more than 2.4 million responses, 92 percent of which through the Internet, and representing statistical information on more than five million people. Altogether, about 15,000 people are involved in the realisation and treatment of the 2021 Census data.