“A [type of audience] that had to do with the fans who came within an organisation that was controlled by UEFA, the Portuguese Football Federation and which had the contribution of the Ministry of Health and the General Directorate of Health, in which we gave two opinions. The other, different public was the tourist public, and tourists have their own dynamics, they are citizens who took planes, came to Portugal, entered Portugal with a negative test and then took part in the behaviour that we saw,” said Graça Freitas.

Graça Freitas insisted that, “in general”, the issue related to supporters who came from England and who had purchased their ticket was “very well controlled”.

“It wasn't 100% [controlled], there were times when they weren't observing the proper distance or weren't wearing a mask, but overall it went very well, they were tested,” she said.

The Director-General of Health, who once again appealed for compliance with the rules to combat covid-19, also recalled that “pilot tests” have already been carried out for the public's return to football.

Asked by journalists about whether the public's return to football could involve screening tests, Graças Feitas only said that it is a “factor to consider”.

The Champions League final, between Manchester City and Chelsea, took place in Porto, in a game with the presence of English fans, who were filmed crowded in the city centre, many without complying with the rules dictated by the covid-19 pandemic, such as the use of a mask and physical distancing.