In a letter sent to the Assembly of the Republic last week, the head of State asks for the consent for this visit, noting that it is scheduled for between 29 July and 3 August, to be present at the museum's reopening ceremony.

This will be the fifth visit of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as President to Brazil, where he visited in his first year in office, 2016, for the opening of the Olympic Games, when he also went to São Paulo and made a short visit to the building of the Museum of the Portuguese Language, affirming the commitment of the Portuguese State in its reconstruction.

Closed since the December 2015 fire, which destroyed two-thirds of the building's structure and caused the death of a firefighter, the museum will reopen to the public on 31 July.

Installed in the centenary Estação da Luz, the Portuguese Language Museum, inaugurated in 2006, was one of the first to honor the Portuguese language in the world, with interactive experiences, audiovisual content and immersive environments.

After the 2015 fire, it was rebuilt with the sponsorship of private institutions such as EDP and the Roberto Marinho Foundation, with the support of the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture and the combined efforts of the governments of Portugal and the state of São Paulo.

The consent of the Assembly of the Republic to the travels of the head of State is a formality imposed by the Constitution, which establishes that the President of the Republic may not leave the national territory without the authorization of the parliament.