Bathing at the beach had been banned from Monday late afternoon after the rupture of a pipeline was found, but today the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) guaranteed that “microbiological analysis made to the bathing water of Praia dos Pescadores indicate that there is no risk to the health of the users”.

With the results, “the situation has returned to normal, today, July 20th”.

The same source indicated that the rupture occurred in a “water supply pipeline” in the city of Albufeira and that “the water was drained to the beach, reaching the sea through the Pescadores beach pier, dragging away many sediments generated by the erosion that occurred in the area affected by the rupture”.

"The situation was promptly identified and resolved and, as a precautionary measure, the Maritime Authority raised the red flag on the beach until the analytical results of the samples proved that the water quality was compatible with the bathing practice", said the APA in a statement .