The restaurant is fairly easy to find and has plenty of parking right outside the door, from there you just walk up the stairs straight onto the exceptionally spacious and modern terrace with views of the Atlantic Ocean.

We were quickly greeted by the staff who were all super kind and the warm welcome made us feel right at home. They promptly seated us and offered us drinks and menus. The menu is a mix of everything, a real fusion influenced by various countries around the world, which means that no matter how many different dietary restrictions or preferences your group has, they will find something that fits the criteria.

To start our meal off, we ordered a fishcake and a plate of goats cheese bonbons which were both beautifully presented. The fishcake was perfectly crispy on the outside while the inside stayed juicy and delicious and it barely needed the sauce it came with, but we of course left nothing behind, especially when it was that good!

The goats cheese bonbons can only be described a cheese-lover’s dream. Once you bite (or cut, for the more sophisticated people) into the crust, you are greeted with heavenly cheese oozing onto your plate. Naturally the only thing for me to do now was scoop and scrape every bit off the plate and into my mouth. Worth it.

Next we had our main courses which were huge and tastefully presented. We ordered the rack of lamb and the Thai sticky beef so we could really experience the fusion of cultures in one dinner. The lamb was not only well seasoned but also cooked to perfection and there was really nothing bad that could have been said about the meat. It was served with a side of crispy potato wedges, steamed vegetables, grilled cherry tomatoes and a mint jelly. All the flavours worked together flawlessly.

The Thai sticky beef was colourful and bright, it was a real pleasure to look at and even better to eat! Delightful Asian flavours coming together on a plate and briefly making you forget that you are in fact still in Europe.

At this point we had both pretty much reached the end of our stomach capacity, but when we were told what Chef Elza had prepared for desert we simply couldn’t resist. We had a fig cheesecake with vanilla ice-cream and a Seville lemon Panna Cotta with a lime sorbet.

The cheesecake was creamy and rich and the fig cut through the richness with its fruity and fresh flavour. That combined with the biscuit base and the vanilla ice cream on the side was a match made in heaven.

The Panna Cotta also didn’t disappoint and was the perfect desert for a warm summer day. After the meal I am pretty sure nothing could be more refreshing than a scoop of that mouth watering lime sorbet that had that distinct taste of more! Even the Panna Cotta was refreshing with the Seville lemon sauce poured all over it. I can highly recommend this desert.

Lighthouse Grill&Bar have live music every Monday and Thursday and an all you can eat BBQ every Sunday right by the pool. They can also be booked for events and weddings as the space really makes for an ideal spot for any kind of get-together.

If you want to contact Lighthouse Grill&Bar or reserve a table you can do so on their website or call 282 354 469.