The Festas de Barrancos, which usually take place between 28 and 31 August, have become “famous” for their bullfights that end in the death of the animal, which was legalised thanks to an exception in the law.

In a statement the organising committee states that it decided to cancel this year’s edition of the event, known as “Fêra de Barrancos”, “for the well-known reasons related to the covid-19 pandemic”.

“Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation is not under control, and therefore there are no sanitary conditions to carry out the festivities”.

According to the commission, the cancellation of this year’s festivities, as happened with those of 2020, “was already expected, taking into account the impossibility of holding events related to this tradition”
Today, “we continue to live in difficult times. We must continue to take care of the health of the entire community”.

The “Fêra de Barrancos” has “its own characteristics and, in its singularities, it is impossible to control access and entrances and/or guarantee physical distance” between people, explain the organisers.