However, boosting your Instagram profile may not be an easy task for everyone.

Each day, the competition on Instagram keeps increasing, no matter your niche. Growing and boosting your Instagram profile can take a lot of dedication, patience, and time.

If you are an influencer, creator, business, or brand, you will understand that time is money.

Thankfully, there are a lot of Instagram tools that can be found on the internet; these options can range from various follower growth tools to hashtag tools.

When it comes to using these tools to grow your Instagram profile, there are many options, as cited previously.

However, they are not all created equal. It can be tough to choose the right platform that will provide value for your money and will not provide fake followers, spam, and bots.

In today’s time, using an Instagram growth tool is considered the best way to increase your Instagram stats without having to spend hours on the photo-sharing app and engaging with the users.

In this article, we will read about some of the top Instagram tools that you can use to grow your Instagram profile.

Best Instagram Tools

Some of the top services that you can use to grow and improve the stats of your Instagram profile includes:


Growthoid is considered one of the best platforms that can take your Instagram growth to a new level.

This company has changed the entire landscape of Instagram growth tools and is only getting better with time.

Growthoid manually improves your Instagram growth. This means that all the interactions are done by hand.

So, there are no fake profiles or bots; here, only real experts will work on your Instagram profile and growth.

It is a complete Instagram growth and management service. After you sign up, you will be provided with a dedicated Instagram account manager who will work on every aspect of growing your Instagram.

This Instagram tool makes use of specific targeting techniques to find and engage with the right types of users.

This way, you also boost your engagement levels like shares, comments, likes, etc., apart from growing your Instagram followers.

When professional and expert account managers take care of growing your Instagram profile, you will see significant growth in the stats.

You will surely feel the difference. The company works hard and cares for its client’s growth and you will definitely love the experience and the results.


Growthsilo is another great tool that you can use to grow your Instagram profile. This company is very similar to Growthoid and you can trust the experts to deal with your Instagram profile.

While the company is quite new, Growthsilo has connected with its clients by providing the best services in this niche.

The company has a disclaimer on its website that reads that the platform is not an automated service and will not provide fake followers.

This will allow you to feel confident that the company will only make use of genuine methods to grow your Instagram profile.

Growthsilo will provide your Instagram profile with a dedicated account manager who will work to improve your Instagram stats. The company promises its clients a fully managed Instagram growth tool.

This means that you do not have to do or think about anything. All you need to concentrate upon is the Instagram content that you upload.

If you face any problems while using this platform, you can easily get in touch with customer care support via live text, phone, or email address.


UseViral is a popular Instagram tool that understands the importance of having a strong presence on Instagram.

Therefore, the company ensures to strengthen its services, keep it updated, and implement the services of social media experts for real growth on the photo-sharing app.

UseViral works tirelessly to provide an expansive network of in-house followers that will follow your profile and increase various stats like views, likes, comments, etc.

Apart from Instagram, you can also use UseViral for various other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

When you make use of UseViral, you will have the choice to select the number of followers you are looking for and the company will deliver them slowly over a period of a few days.

This way, you will ensure that the engagement is done as naturally as possible. You do not have to worry about the followers unfollowing your profile because they are authentic followers, which is indeed a big first.

If you want to have a strong presence on your social media platforms, you can easily work with UseViral, which will provide you with several options at different price rates; this way, you can choose a price package that will suit your budget and/or requirement.


SidesMedia is one of the oldest Instagram tools you can use today. This company has been working in this niche for many years now and has amassed substantial experience about the same.

SidesMedia understands that its clients need to be successful on Instagram.

SidesMedia is not just any other company that churns out engagement and features. It is a type of tool that will cover all aspects of your Instagram profile.

This is the reason why SidesMedia is considered one of the most trustworthy platforms as far as positive experiences go.

It is important for clients to trust the company so that you can improve your Instagram stats. The company will deliver the promised engagement and growth within three days so that it does not look suspicious or your profile gets flagged.

Additionally, you can also get in touch with the customer care support team just as easily if you are facing any troubles.


The next Instagram tool is Nitreo, a company that has been working in this niche for quite some years.

While the platform has gone through some changes, the company still remembers its primary motto – to provide the best services to its customers.

Since the company has been working in this market for quite some time, it has a good grasp of what the customers are looking for.

When you visit its official website, you will see that it has everything that one would look for in an Instagram tool.

In fact, the company does have everything you would require to build and improve your engagement on Instagram.

Nitreo will provide you with more followers via an organic growth service, which will expand your reach.

This way, the clients can build their brand organically, which is quite helpful if you want to promote your brand organically.

Additionally, signing up is quick and you will not have to spend more than a few minutes to create a profile and make use of the services.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy is considered one of the top Instagram tools today based on pricing, safety, and results.

This tool makes use of organic growth to grow your Instagram stats naturally and gradually over time.

Unlike most other tools for Instagram growth, Social Buddy will offer you real followers, not Instagram bots or fake accounts.

Apart from helping you grow your Instagram profile, it will also improve your engagement.

Social Buddy makes use of advanced targeting techniques to find followers that will engage and are interested in the content you upload in your feed.

Social Buddy utilizes targeting factors like hashtags, interests, and locations that are relevant to the industry or niche of your business or brand.

The platform will also target followers based on influencers or competitors in your niche.

While there are some services that provide bots and fake profiles, Social Buddy is operated by real people.

For every client, you will be provided with a dedicated account manager; you will be provided with a support contact where you can ask questions via live chat, phone number, and email.

Social Buddy is a reliable and safe Instagram tool.


Kicksta is a powerful and popular growth tool for Instagram. This service provides organic growth without using fake followers, spam, and bots.

With the help of Kicksta, you will get real and authentic followers that are relevant to your niche and industry.

Kicksta is a platform that makes use of Artificial Intelligence technology to find its target and also interact with potential followers on your account.

When you create a profile at Kicksta, you can submit the names of your competition on Instagram, complementary brands, relevant influencers in your industry, and other such targets.

The company will then follow complementary accounts or competitors, working under the assumption that they will also be interested in your content.

The platform will also automate the liking and following of the posts and accounts, respectively.

When these accounts will follow you back, they will also engage with your content.

With the help of automation and AI targeting, Kicksta will grow your Instagram account organically.

There are two types of plans available – standard and premium plans. If you are looking for advanced targeting and phone support, it is better to opt for the premium plan.

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is a respectable Instagram growth tool that is used by many personal and business accounts on the Internet.

Apart from Instagram, Social Sensei can also be used for various other social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook.

The company makes use of authentic growth, with no fake followers, software, scripts, or bots.

The platform is committed to providing long-term growth. The clients will be assigned a dedicated profile manager that will learn everything about your profile and goals to provide a long-term and effective plan.

Social Sensei will also provide a full social media marketing package, not just followers.

You can create your profile for a full package that includes content creation, content strategy, and followers.

The process starts with a free consultation with your manager to discuss various aspects of your brand and your current goals.

Social Sensei will make use of advanced targeting to find followers that will follow and engage with your posts. This service is completely organic.

Brands and businesses will enjoy a social media strategy that will turn your followers into conversions or leads.


Ampfluence is a top-notched service that you can use to improve and amplify your Instagram stats.

Similar to all other services mentioned in this article, Ampfluence ensures that the growth of your Instagram account is natural and organic and you will be provided with authentic and real followers, not fake ones.

This platform does not make use of gimmicks or bots; the services are run by humans. This means that your following list will grow without any automated software or bots.

Instead, the company focuses on quality targeting and followers.

When you create a profile at Ampfluence, you will be provided with a free consultation so that your account manager will learn more about your company, long-term goals, target followers, etc.

Once the consultation process has ended, the manager and his/her team will do some research to find the right target audience, based on social spheres, industry leaders, and competitors.

They will also engage with other users, you will be able to create relationships that will grow your engagement rate and followers organically.

Ampfluence is considered one of the safest Instagram tools. However, it can also be a bit more expensive than others.

However, you do not have to commit to anything; you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Combin is a content planning solution, Instagram growth tool, and post-scheduling tool.

This means that you can make use of the service just for scheduling, for Instagram growth, or both scheduling and planning your posts and growing your follower list on Instagram.

Combin will work by engaging with, targeting, and growing your follower count.

You will find a lot of filters that will target the type of followers that will be interested in your content and those who are more likely to follow back and engage with your content.

The company also makes use of technology like machine learning to find and target quality accounts.

The company also makes use of the audience management technique so that you come to know which profiles are not following you so that you can unfollow them in bulk.

The tool will also automate repetitive actions so that you can engage with several posts and accounts at one go to improve and enhance engagement.

You can comment, like, unfollow, follow in batches, or bulk.

Combin also allows you to manage several Instagram accounts at once. Before opting for the price plans, you can try out the free trial for personal or business accounts.


Upleap is a great choice if you are looking for a top-notch Instagram tool that will get you followers. This platform used to provide personalized attention and organic growth, but they have simplified their services and now made it possible to just buy Instagram followers without any other requirements or processes.

You’ll find a variety of different packages on the Upleap website; choose amongst them and find the one you want, and then complete your purchase.

Then, you simply need to relax as you will see your account grow. At this time, you will simply need to keep posting new content and watch the followers from Upleap be delivered.

There aren’t any targeting options like there were before, but if you’re looking for something relatively quick and easy, Upleap could be a good choice. It’s a good short-term solution, but if you want long term growth, it’s better to work with an above service that does offer you targeting.

Remember, only users that are actually interested in your account will help its performance through following and engagements, so when you buy followers from Upleap, you won’t be getting that. Your numbers will increase, but that’s all you can expect to see here.


Later is a great Instagram scheduling tool that offers a lot of top features that can help you get more followers and engagement without a doubt. In terms of post scheduling, Later has a very user-friendly platform that offers a valuable visual schedule planner.

That way, when scheduling out your posts, you can see how your content will appear to users and confirm that your aesthetic and visuals are on point and consistent.

Not only that, they have functions for auto-posting, quick scheduling, as well as scheduling in your first comment. This can be a great way to use hashtags if you don’t want them to appear in the caption, so it’s very convenient to be able to schedule them out.

Not all Instagram tools offer these features, so you’ve got to pay close attention when looking for scheduling tools. For example, most scheduling tools won’t be able to offer story scheduling based on the way third party Instagram tools are allowed to interact with the Instagram platform.

For example, Later can publish single photo and video content to your feed, but won’t be able to auto-publish stories or carousel posts. This has less to do with the service and more to do with the permissions allowed by Instagram.

You can still schedule stories, but you’ll have to hit the “post” button when it’s time to make it live.

Other features offered by Later include analytics, user-generated content finder, as well as hashtag scheduling and information. All in all, Later is a user-friendly platform that helps you to keep organized with your content and visualize it before it goes live.

Of all the Instagram tools on this list, Later can really help you show off your brand image and get your profile optimized with a common aesthetic and expertly-scheduled posts that come out right on time.

Price: 4 pricing tiers, Free - $0/mo, Starter - $9/mo, Growth - $20/mo, Advanced - $40/mo. You can also purchase yearly, which will give you a cheaper price overall.


Canva is an excellent tool for adding flavor to your content and giving your content a specific image and keeping things consistent. It’s basically a design website that helps you to create professional and attractive content without having to worry about starting designs from scratch.

This is super useful if you don’t have much experience with graphic design, or don’t currently have a budget to include a designer. It’s pretty straightforward and you can easily pick up how it works and even how to customize some elements so that your content stays unique.

Because the platform is basically free and anyone can access it, you run the risk of having similar or duplicate content as other users. Even still, there are many options on Canva and many subtle ways to give each design your own personal touch, so it won’t be too big of an issue.

Canva offers a huge variety of templates for social media, but they also offer templates for other elements of business and digital design, so you can keep things consistent across a variety of platforms and media.

In terms of social media templates, they have templates for Instagram stories, posts, highlights, animated social media posts, facebook posts and covers, and many more. This is especially useful if you work cross-platform and want to integrate a similar aesthetic.

While there are many Instagram tools that offer templates and graphics, Canva is definitely a standout performer both in ease of use as well as high-quality offerings.

Price: The basic canva is free, and it offers a lot. But, if you want to go pro, it will cost you roughly $120 for the year, or $12.95/mo. Free trial offered.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is also a great Instagram tool for teams that need extended information on analytics. They offer beautifully graphed profile analysis, keyword listening, campaign reporting, competitive analysis, and research tools to help make decisions based on performance.

They can also offer you combined reports that monitor all of your social media platforms, which is great for those who are working cross-platform.

It’s especially useful for marketing teams or people who are really serious about amping up their marketing efforts via social media. The data you can get from Union Metrics is reliable and will help you to consider new possibilities for your social media platform and tailor your content to ideal posting times and performance metrics.

This will not only help you to get more engagement but also to get more followers over time and see how your content is performing, helping to create a tailored Instagram strategy.

Price: 3 pricing tiers, Social Manager - $49/mo, Social Marketer - $99/mo, Marketing Team - $199/mo

Using Third Party Instagram Apps and Tools

When you use third party apps on Instagram, you should always make sure that the app is reliable and reputable. Instagram has a lot of strict regulations about how apps interact with their platform, and if the company goes against Instagram’s terms of use, you can get into trouble.

The services above will always protect your Instagram account and keep you safe; you can use the following criteria to check out their website. If you are considering outside third party apps not included on this list, always make sure you keep the following things in mind before working with them.

Also, keep in mind what type of app you’re using— is it to help you streamline a process, such as Later or Canva, or does it help you to get more Instagram followers, like Growthoid or Growthsilo?

Instagram has stricter regulations for Instagram growth services and ones that help you to grow your followers, so knowing that will help you to choose the right service and stick with safe ones, like the tools on our list.


The most important thing you can do is protect your security and safety when using an app to get more Instagram likes, so looking for the right qualities in a company is important.

You should first always ensure that the website uses SSL security encryption and that there is a little lock on the left side of the address bar. In addition, check out their payment methods and make sure they are secured and offer sufficient options.

Another way you should protect your security is pay close attention to how the service operates— if you are using a service that offers a one-time purchase, they won’t need your password. Don’t give out your Instagram password unless the service is going to help you with manual engagements or offer a recurring service.

To deliver likes, companies don’t need your password. Keep your personal and financial data safe as well as all of your devices by choosing an app that cares about your safety and the safety of your Instagram profile.

Real Followers and Engagements

Any fake followers or engagements can harm your reputation and profile, so it’s better to ensure you’re only getting real followers and engagements when using different Instagram tools.

Users are very apt these days and can easily tell when you have fake followers and fake likes on Instagram. If you have a bunch of fake followers, your follower to engagement ratio will be skewed; you’ll have thousands of followers and an imbalanced amount of likes.

They can then easily look through your followers and see that there are a lot of fake or bot profiles— accounts with little to no content, weird usernames, no profile photos, and no accounts following them.

The same thing is possible for likes, and even more accessible; if a user decides to see who has liked your content and sees a bunch of weird accounts, you’ll be perceived as less credible and perhaps even spammy.

When you use the best Instagram tools, your reputation stays in good standing and you also perform better against the Instagram algorithm from the perpetual growth that you’ll get.

FAQs and Information

If an app or website doesn’t include clear and logical information about how the service works, it’s probably not going to deliver top results. Remember, a lot of companies out there are just trying to turn a profit, so you have to be diligent in checking out what they offer.

If they’re a reputable company, they’ll always have a thorough FAQ that helps you to understand their service, what to expect, and any questions that most of their clients may have. This is a good indicator that the company is upfront and backs up their services based on real criteria.

If you can’t find a lot of information about the service or it’s unnecessarily confusing, it’s best not to risk using the service. You should also review their terms of service to make sure that they will be there for you and not leave you hanging.


Any reputable tool or company that will help you get more Instagram followers and engagement will discuss their pricing clearly and transparently. When looking at a website, you can see all of their pricing and packages without having to register or give any information.

If you have to register or give information, it’s best to skip their service as they want to spam you or get something from you before telling you about the service or pricing.

Good Instagram tools will also have fairly reasonable prices— not too low, but not too high. If the service offers very low pricing options, it’s likely they don’t offer high quality followers, engagements, or services.

Final Thoughts

When you make use of a dedicated Instagram tool, it means that you are well on your way to getting your Instagram content to your target audience without having to spend all your free time on the platform or breaking the terms of use.

Using these Instagram tools will also generate more interest in your Instagram profile and gain more authentic and targeted followers for your Instagram profile.

With the help of the above-mentioned tools, you will be able to have a lot of choices to get that follower boost that your profile requires and even increase the stats for engagement like comments and likes.

It is important to keep uploading unique content so that followers have something to see every time they open your profile. Since Instagram is becoming highly competitive, you will have to make use of these services to grow your Instagram.