“Ah” she replied “in that case you can’t come in because you are over 65 - Covid rules”

Now many people younger than 65 have died of Covid and many people older than 65 (in some cases much older) have survived Covid so the logic of that discrimination is completely obscure - it might have been acceptable if, for example, arrangements had been made for a couple of sessions per week for the over-65s only but there were none.

Today with the easing of restrictions and being fully vaccinated I went back to the swimming pool only to discover that taking a shower with soap was not allowed! When asked about this the staff were apologetic but said that the order came “from above” (locally or nationally we don’t know)

For two years now we have repeatedly been told that we must wash our hands regularly with SOAP and water because of Covid- soap KILLS Covid - ordinary water does not - so the prohibition on having a shower with soap makes absolutely no sense and even contradicts the accepted wisdom.

I would be very interested to know by what twisted logic the authorities concerned have banned the use of soap!


Chambers, Lagoa