For instance, should they maintain an in-house marketing team to handle influencers and the campaign? Or should they hire help from a leading influencer marketing agency to do the heavy lifting for them.

Managing an entire business by your lonesome can be stressful in itself, you definitely wouldn't want to burden yourself with added responsibilities that can prove to be a hindrance in your everyday operations. Hence, the right choice would be to outsource your Influencer marketing needs to professionals.

Although, if you have the resources and the time to build a team of professional marketers, identify the right influencers for your cause and keep tabs on your campaign at every step, then, by all means, you can execute an in-house influencer marketing campaign. But remember, the money you burn on recruiting strategists and building relationships with influencers on multiple platforms can be better utilized by investing in an agency like Grynow.

Why should you hire the best influencer marketing company in India to handle your campaign? First off, you are not throwing away your money. Instead, you're investing it for high-end work, convenience, professional support, reporting and Analytics.

Benefits of Hiring an Influencer Marketing Agency

Brands can save a lot of time

In a scenario that you decide to undertake an influencer marketing campaign by yourself, you first have to discover your ideal Influencers. No doubt there will be some popping up in your head at the time. But are they available for your brand? - Now, that is a question you need answering. You can't just wake up one day and say you want Dwayne Johnson endorsing your product - the chances of that happening are next to impossible.

Research takes time. You have to find opinion leaders that are easily accessible and are suitable for your campaign objective. You need to collect their contact information, get in touch with them, and wait for a reply, all while hoping that it's not another rejection.

Even after you find your influencers, you still have to manage them. You can start by explaining what you expect from this partnership, how you want your content to be made etc.

Grynow is an agency that has well-established connections with influencers and bloggers across multiple niches. By recruiting the top influencer marketing company in the country, you will cut down on all the time required to find and manage your influencers.

Building a solid relationship with influencers

Working with experts comes with many perks—one being that you get the right individuals for your campaign. Hence, you can trust the agency with tasks like building a relationship with Influencers and creating compelling content.

As long as the Grynow is at your service, it is a part of your brand. You can entrust them with managing your campaign and advocate your brand in a way that gets Influencers pumped up for the partnership.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but an influencer marketing agency is known for "influencer marketing." As such, their staff have worked with hundreds of thousands of bloggers, vloggers, and social media personalities on multiple projects and, as a result, have built a rapport for themselves. Hence, when the agency approaches an influencer for a Collab, they are more likely to say "yes" to them than to a company they know nothing about.

As a company that has partnered with multiple influencers, they command a level of trust and reliability - earned by being the best at what they do and more. Since opinion leaders trust the agency, they give it all for the campaign's success, which inevitably brings favourable results for the brand.

Why Choose Grynow as your Influencer Marketing Platform?

Grynow is the top influencer marketing platform in India that empowers brands with the brand association of influencers and boosts brand building, leads and ultimately sales. Apart from the 5 years plus of diversified experience, the following are its competitive advantages:-

Multiple-platform services

The agency has a long history of working with some of the best influencers on mainstream social media platforms.

Instagram: According to Statista, the image-sharing platform gets 180 million users from only one country - India. Thus, the firm ensures that everything happens according to the campaign strategy designed for the brands. They take care of everything from uploading engaging content to getting the brand's message across through relevant captions.


According to Statista, there are 2.91 billion video viewers globally - it is clear why marketers increasingly utilize this medium. Surely a brand wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to get a sizable portion of the video audience as their life-long customer. Keeping this at heart, India's top influencer marketing agency will pull in prominent YouTube influencers for the campaign and make sure that their clients reach their target customers in high numbers.

Facebook: an effective online marketing strategy is never complete without including Facebook in the mix. The popular networking site is here to stay (for a long time) and, if utilized properly, will help brands find new takers for their products and services. To that end, the experts at the agency take it upon themselves to create maximum interest for their clients' offerings on the world's most-loved social networking platform.

Tik-Tok: the short video-sharing platform came into existence on 2nd August 2018 and in no time took the world by storm. It would be best never to underestimate Tik Tok's impact on the young audience - it is the third most preferred format, trailing only behind Instagram and Instagram stories.

Since the application appeals to a specific demographic segment - the Influencer marketing company utilizes the popularity of Tik Tok influencers to accelerate and extend their clients' reach within and outside the country.

Army of niched Influencers

Niched influencers are authority figures in their respective segments. They are looked upon as experts, and for that, they command the trust of their audience. People revere opinion leaders and consider their product suggestions.

When a brand works with these influencers, they have a higher chance of grabbing their target customers' attention and convincing them to take the businesses' desired action (leads, sales, etc.).

As it turns out, the agency has worked with some of the best-niched Influencers with high market value. Their professional partnership with well-renowned entities will help a brand achieve its objectives.

Transparent about their services

Being the best influencer marketing platform in India comes with specific responsibilities. For starters, the company considers itself to be transparent. It is completely honest about all its dealings (including price) and keeps its clients updated about events occurring at every point of the campaign life cycle.

An agency that is open about their prices indirectly puts their clients in the driver's seat - they can decide whether they want to go ahead with the deal or move on to something else. This helps since brands will save valuable time, which they would have otherwise wasted on discussions, that would probably end in a stalemate.

Data-dependent approach

Sometimes our eyes and ears may mislead but never data, which is why the influencer marketing agency is the best in the industry. Numbers don't lie. Hence the company depends on them for strategy formulation, influencer selection, campaign execution and reporting.

After developing and sharing content with the brand's target audience, the agency makes analytics/metrics (engagement, leads, sales, views and ROI) associated with the campaign available to their benefactors. Businesses now can get a bird's eye on their Influencer marketing campaign performance and make informed decisions.

From the above points, we think it is safe to say that Grynow is one of the best firms in India when it comes to cross-channel campaign executions. It has designed several marketing strategies and executed successful campaigns for brands from different niches. Even Mavens benefit from their services as the agency helps monetize their content through brand partnerships.

Additionally, the company is well equipped to provide high customer-brand engagement. It has a well-trained staff of experts that bring together the right influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and content creators for a joint venture with their clients.