In a statement, the Association of Milk Producers of Portugal (APROLEP) states that the action took place in Barcelos because the council is the largest producer of milk in the country.

“With this 'offer', we want to protest against low milk prices, warn of rising production costs that are ruining us and challenge Pingo Doce to set an example, stopping the devaluation of milk and paying a fair price to the farmers”.

APROLEP says that since 2020 producers have been supporting increases between 20 and 30% in the price of feed and more recently in other production factors, such as electricity, fuel and fertilizers.

However, they add, it was only in October that they achieved a “small increase” of 1.5 cents per litre of milk from the main industries.

“It's an insufficient amount. We urgently need another five cents increase, with the aim of reaching 40 cents per litre of milk paid to the farmer”, said the association.

He also says that the farmers who supply Pingo Doce “had a lower increase, just one cent, despite the Jerónimo Martins group having a factory where it processes the milk and packs its own brands, which allows it to control the entire course of the milk to the supermarket shelf”.

Therefore, considers the association, Pingo Doce “cannot apologize to other industries for the low price that their suppliers receive”.

“It is an unfair price, which does not allow us to pay current production costs. It feels bad to receive so little”, the statement reads.

Thus, APROLEP challenges Pingo Doce to “stop promotions that devalue milk and be the first to pay a fair price to farmers”.