According to data from Idealista, the total number of tourist developments and hotels for sale in Portugal has risen by 1 percent.

“The tourism industry was frozen for several months by the Covid-19 pandemic. Occupancy rates were reduced to a minimum as well as revenues. Despite having witnessed a progressive recovery in tourism in Portugal, the offer of hotels for sale on the market grew 1 percent in the last year. On 15 November, 2021, there were 166 hotels looking for a new owner in the national market.

When it comes to regions, the central region has the most units for sale with 44 in total. In Lisbon a 75 percent increase in units for sale has seen the number rise from 12 in November last year to 21 in November this year. In the opposite direction the Algarve has 27 developments for sale but this is 13 percent less than last year.

Looking at the data by district/island, Faro (Algarev) is where there are more tourist developments are for sale – a total of 27. Next are Porto (23), Lisbon (21), Setúbal (11), Viseu (11), Leiria (10) and the island of Madeira (9).