As of 1 July, 2021, free delivery of bags or boxes of plastic or other materials is banned. Now, whenever customers request, restaurants and hotels will have to provide consumers with tap water and reusable cups ​​to drink on site for free or at a lower cost than bottled water. Establishments that sell products in bulk and provide take-away meals are now required to accept consumer’s airtight containers.

Since 1 November, the sale of single-use plastic products is prohibited, including cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straws, as well as cups and food containers made of expanded polystyrene.

In addition, as of September 2022, retailers will no longer be able to supply or use expanded polystyrene cutlery, plates, straws, glasses and containers.

Bottles and other beverage containers with a capacity of less than three liters can only be sold if their capsules or plastic caps remain attached to the packaging. Then, in June 2023, lightweight plastic bags for storing and transporting bread, fruits and vegetables will be banned.

DECO is very happy with these measures, which are in line with one of the main goals of the #plasticoamais initiative.

“However, there is no time to waste in the transition to a more sustainable planet and, despite the fundamental role that consumers play, companies also have to take responsibility for quickly reducing single-use plastic nowadays”, they stated.

All in all, DECO states that there are still many consumers, who still report cases of unreasonable use of plastics or excessive plastics with photos as evidence. Therefore, if you find a similar situation, please feel free to report it to DECO by email to