In Lisbon, João Silveira Machado opened a Cheese Concept Store named Queijaria Machado. The cheesemonger told The Portugal News that the idea of ​​creating the store arose from the “idea of ​​a holistic experience in cheeses”, following the entire process, from the maturation of the product to its sale, tasting and “harmonisations to the study of cheese theme.”

The store that, according to the organisation of the World Cheese Award – Guild of Fine Food, is a pioneer in the creation of stores that relate solely to chees, offers a vast variety of products. Visitors to the store can find Portuguese and international cheeses, of the most diverse varieties. João Silveira Machado has "about 100 varieties that rotate according to the level of stock." To The Portugal News, the cheesemonger revealed that the buttery Serra da Estrela cheese made from sheep's milk deserves special attention for being "Portuguese and one of the best in the world."

Visitors to Queijaria Machado can enjoy different types of experiences. Visitors can explore the Affinage Room, where cheeses are aged. It is also possible to taste cheese, harmonised with other elements. As a store, there is the opportunity to buy some products. However, those who are most curious in the area can receive a level 1 Cheese Training diploma.

Cheeses of the world

João Silveira Machado was one of two Portuguese guests invited to be a judge at the World Cheese Awards, the competition where the best cheeses in the world are highlighted. This year it took place in Oviedo, Spain. During the competition "more than 4,000 cheeses from all over the world are tested." The winning cheese of 2021 is produced in Spain from goat's milk, under the name Olavidia, made by Quesos y Besos.

The invitation to join the panel of judges was “unexpected” since João Silveira Machado's business has only been in existence for two years. During the competition, contact with other cheesemongers is frequent. In this context, João Silveira Machado's project was congratulated for its innovative concept by "world-renowned [cheese] experts." The feedback received by international experts shows that the concept of Queijaria Machado has "spread to all the corners of the world."

João Silveira Machado says that the cheese experience is a “sensorial trip”, thus to the experience of tasting cheese, which people can do in Queijaria Machado, historical, sociological, and cultural components are added to enhance this experience.

Queijaria Machado opens from Tuesday to Friday from 10:30am to 7pm. On Saturday the space opens at 10:30am but closes at 1pm. To enjoy a tasting experience, visitors may book and enjoy it from 7:30pm until 11pm. Queijaria Machado may be found on Rua Vitor Cordon number 43, in Lisbon.