The members of ANIM (Afghanistan National Institute of Music) are part of a group of 273 Afghans who have arrived in Portugal, bringing the total to 764 citizens from the country who have been welcomed in Portuguese territory.

“We are going to transfer the National Institute of Music of Afghanistan to Portugal, which is an institution which is very well known internationally”, said João Gomes Cravinho.

The Portuguese Defense Minister also noted that ANIM has already performed in several countries around the world, including Portugal, in the past and praised the quality of music education it provides.

For the Portuguese official, ANIM members will be able to continue their work and as soon as suitable conditions are met once again, they will return to help in the cultural reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Prime minister, António Costa also spoke about the arrival of the musicians in Portugal on his Twitter account.

“It is with great joy and a spirit of international solidarity that we welcome 273 Afghan citizens to Portugal today, in an operation in conjunction with [friends] of the National Institute of Music of Afghanistan (ANIM)”.

“We will guarantee these people healthcare, education and social integration”, added António Costa

For the prime minister, "these young people will be able, in this way, to fulfil their dream of a musical and artistic career in freedom, in peace and in security".