This decree, approved by parliament on November 26 and promulgated by the President of the Republic three days later, enters into force on the day following its publication, on Thursday, and expires on March 1, 2022.

In practice, the diploma that was presented by the socialist caucus empowers the Government to decree, through the Council of Ministers, the mandatory use of masks in the street without the authorisation of the Assembly of the Republic.

"If the measure appears necessary, adequate and proportional to the prevention, containment or mitigation of epidemiological infection by Covid-19, the Government may, through the Resolution of the Council of Ministers declaring a situation of alert, contingency or calamity, determine the obligation the use of masks by people aged over 10 years old for access, circulation or permanence in public spaces and streets whenever the physical distance recommended by the health authorities proves to be impractical”, states the decree.

As for the conditions that determine this need, the diploma only mentions that it will be “measured based on data relating to the evolution of the pandemic, namely based on the increase in the number of infections and on the rate of transmission of the disease”, without quantifying it.