One of the founders was invited to visit Peru and back in Portugal, he thought he would be able to “create a unique chocolate”, as described to The Portugal News.

The company ranks as a pioneer in the field of transforming cocoa into chocolate in Portugal. However, the production process undergoes several environmental and humanitarian assessment tests. Speaking to The Portugal News, the company stated that they think "not only about the quality of the product but also about the environment, people and chocolate." To fulfil all these requirements, Melgão begins by evaluating the environmental conditions of the cocoa producers' plantations that may sign contracts with the company. The work continues to be carried out on the company's premises. About two-thirds of the energy produced comes from a photovoltaic plant, installed in the vicinity of Melgão. The waste is treated sustainably, proceeding with its separation and dumping "in the proper places." The packaging where the final products follow can be recycled by the consumer.

The humanitarian aspect is a point to be considered by the company. For example, to support small businesses, “cocoa comes from small farmers, organised in cooperatives” and is guaranteed by the company that receives the appropriate amount of money for the work performed. Support funds are also created for “farmers with special needs.” As for the workers themselves, Melgão ensures that all safety, hygiene and well-being conditions are ensured.


Melgão's chocolate is unique in the country, with cocoa training and research being an important point to produce quality and national chocolate.

On an economic level, the company already has a well-established place in the national chocolate production sector, and the objective is now to expand internationally, a process that has already begun.

The company offers the consumer chocolates in bags of one or four kilos, while it is also possible to enjoy a chocolate tablet produced by Melgão.

Melgão produces in the area of ​​Montemor-o-Novo, Évora, and all its products can be found at