“Naza 10” is the title of the “immersive” photographic exhibition with which Jorge Leal presents the work developed in the last decade, as part of the Nazaré North Canyon project, which came to the fore when, in November 2011, Garrett McNamara surfed the biggest wave in the world at Praia do Norte.

Before that memorable day, the surfer and photographer had already “spent many hours walking on the beach, studying the waves, looking for the best angles to capture the best images”, he told Lusa agency.

From the commitment of one to surf the best wave and the other to capture the key moments of a challenge that "until then no one had dared to face" resulted in the iconic images of the biggest wave in the world, or the famous photograph in which a giant wave "It looks like it's going to swallow the lighthouse".

Anyone who sees it thinks that luck put the photographer in the right place at the right time. But Jorge Leal explains that behind that 'click' there were “many hours looking at the sea”, with him his teammate, 'Tó Mané' (António Manuel Silva), working simultaneously with a camera and a camera video, to ensure that every moment would be recorded.

“The world record was the magic day”, recalls the photographer who, on that day, also played the role of ‘spotter’, giving directions to the team in the water about the approaching waves.

The “'big mama', the mother of all waves”, did not escape him that day. Nor, years later, the record held by Maya Gabeira, the first woman to face the waves of Praia do Norte, “where an accident left her at death's door and where she returned to set a new record, in an incredible story of overcoming”.

From the many stories from surfers such as Garrett McNamara, Hugo Vau, Maya Gabeira, Andrew Cotton, Sebastian Steudtner, among others, came the 32 photographs of the exhibition, which also includes videos and a documentary.

Along with the surfers, "the stars of the show are the waves to which no one is indifferent" and which Jorge Leal considers "the eighth natural wonder of the world".