After Malta (0%), Portugal was one of the countries with the lowest energy inflation rate (12%), as was Croatia.

This peak of 27% recorded in the EU is the highest ever since the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) was first published in 1997. By October 2021, it had surpassed the highest point recorded so far: 17% in July 2008.

Looking at the evolution of prices for different types of energy (electricity, gas and fuels), Eurostat shows that in January 2002 gas reached its highest point, with almost 41%, an increase of 13.5 points percentages (pp) compared to the previous month, significantly above other energy sources.

Fuels (including gasoline, diesel, fuel and other fuels) increased by 26% (-2.8 pp) and electricity by 24% (+3.1 pp).

Among Member States, Belgium (67%) and the Netherlands (58%) recorded the highest rates of energy inflation in January 2022, followed by Lithuania (43%), Estonia (41%) and Greece (40% ). At the opposite end of the table, the energy inflation rate was 0% in Malta, followed by Croatia and Portugal, both with 12%.