This increase is substantially higher than the 2.5 cent increase in diesel and two cents in petrol last week. This is because a barrel of brent, which serves as a reference for the European market, reached US$ 119.78, a maximum of 11 years (February 11, 2011). This Friday, oil was quoted above 114 dollars, but now continues to trade at 112.37 dollars, which represents an increase of 1.73%. A price scale that reflects Western fears that economic and financial sanctions will disrupt Russian oil exports, reducing supply in a market already unbalanced by strong post-pandemic demand.

The increase of 14 cents means that the price per litre of simple diesel will be 1.81 euros at the beginning of next week and that of simple gasoline 95 will be 1.912 euros with an increase of eight cents, according to data from the Directorate General Energy and Geology.