As part of the “Saúde em Segurança” proximity policing program, which is taking place this week, the PSP states that about 80% of hospitals and medical centres belonging to the National Health Service (SNS) are in the area of PSP responsibility.

“In 2021, 961 situations of violence were recorded in these health units, which corresponds to an increase of 16% compared to 2020, in which 825 situations were recorded”, says the Public Security Police in a statement.

According to the PSP, psychological violence represents the main typology of violence, followed by physical violence and moral harassment.

This security force also indicates that about 65% of registered violence is practiced by patients, 21% by relatives or caregivers of patients, 13% by health professionals and 1% by visitors or other people.

As about 86% of the violence is practiced by patients and family members or companions, the PSP intends, "by increasing the police presence, to contribute to the reduction and prevention of occurrences of this type".

According to the PSP, the first phase of the “Saúde em Segurança” program includes the training of Official Points of Contact for the PSP, whose objectives are to prevent and monitor the occurrence of episodes of violence in the SNS, promote a culture of safety in the SNS, encourage the creation of partnerships at regional and local level, promoting training for police officers and health professionals and strengthening police visibility in hospital centres.