Quite why, having made the decision to exit Britain in favour of an EU country, these correspondents should be so concerned about those who voted to leave is a little puzzling. Perhaps they are envious of British independence, that the British economy is outstripping that of the EU or that the efficient vaccine rollout eclipsed the abject failure of Brussels efforts?

I voted to leave (and would do so again tomorrow) because I wanted my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be governed by people who share their culture and language and will work in their interests, rather than an homogenous government primarily interested in the future of Germany and France, with southern Europe consigned to the dustbin.

The need to spend 90 days outside the Schengen area before returning is a minor irritation, as is postal disruption, and I will continue to enjoy the company of the wonderful Portuguese people and the brilliant weather.

Many Brits elected to live in Portugal as residents which is their prerogative, but they should realise that those of us who decided to retain British residency really don’t care about the opinions of those who chose to walk away.

David - Lagos & London, By email