Athena Advisers – a real estate consultant specialising in the French Alps destination since its founding in 2003 – has noticed a growing demand for properties in this region, not only from the Portuguese, but also from foreigners based in Portugal.

Athena Advisers estimates that demand in the Portuguese market, both national and expatriate, for properties in the French Alps will grow by around 10%.

“The French Alps are an unparalleled destination in Europe not only for the quality of their skiing, but also for the conditions that allow them to attract tourists throughout the year. In addition to a holiday home, anyone who buys in this region is safely investing in a property with enormous potential for profitability, through tourist rentals, and appreciation, since, due to natural constraints, construction in the Alps French is limited and, as such, prices tend to increase”, says the director of Athena Advisers.

“On average, prices rise between 2% and 3% a year and this has been happening consistently. However, ski resorts are a kind of micromarkets and, depending on the quality, location and views, which influence demand and the value of rents, the increase can be much higher, especially if a good negotiation is made on the original purchase.”