According to the latest update made by the Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF), Portugal has granted 25,193 requests for temporary protection to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners residing in that country since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

SEF states that among the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Portugal and benefited from temporary protection, 9,011 are minors, representing about 35%.

Data from the Service indicate that before the invasion of Russia, 27,200 Ukrainians lived in Portugal, which currently totals more than 52,000 citizens, having almost doubled in the last month.

Ukrainians are currently the second largest resident community in the country, after the Brazilians, with 209,072.

SEF has an online platform, in three languages, for requests for temporary protection by Ukrainian residents.

The platform "enables all Ukrainian citizens and their family members (household), as well as any foreign citizen residing in Ukraine, to make an online request for temporary protection of one year, extendable for two periods of six months".