SEF states that it has granted 26,950 requests for temporary protection to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners residing in that country since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

According to the SEF, among the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Portugal and benefited from temporary protection, 9,558 are minors, representing around 35%.

During the process for temporary protection in Portugal, citizens have access to tax, Social Security and National Health Service (SNS) numbers, so they can benefit from these services and enter the job market.

Of the nearly 27,000 requests for temporary protection, the SEF issued 8,400 certificates, according to data provided to Lusa.

SEF has an online platform, in three languages, for requests for temporary protection by Ukrainian residents.

The platform "enables all Ukrainian citizens and their family members (household), as well as any foreign citizen residing in Ukraine, to make an online request for temporary protection of one year, extendable for two periods of six months", according to the SEF.