According to IPMA forecasts, the weather in the coming days will be conditioned by the Evelyn depression, centered on the northwest of the continent and moving eastward, and by an anticyclone southwest of the Azores, which will influence the weather from the middle of the week.

Because of this, until the end of this afternoon, showers are expected throughout the mainland, which can sometimes be strong and accompanied by thunderstorms.

On Wednesday rain showers will be light on the coast and centre until mid-afternoon.

Temperature rise

A gradual rise in the maximum temperature is expected until Friday, with values ​​that should reach 25ºC to 28ºC in the Tagus and Alentejo valleys. On the coast they will vary between 20ºC and 25ºC.

The IPMA also adds that over the Easter weekend the weather should remain stable, with generally clear skies and stable temperatures.