The information was released by the environmental association Zero, in a statement, giving an account of the 10 most polluting units in Portugal.

“The dominance, for the second consecutive year, of the Sines Refinery, owned by Petrogal, as the most polluting facility and with a positive variation (increase in emissions) of 2.4% between 2020 and 2021” remained.

The Tapada do Outeiro Combined Cycle Power Station, owned by Turbogás, came second, the Pego Combined Cycle Power Station, owned by Tejo Energia, followed by Cimpor's Alhandra Production Center, Cecil (Outão), Cimpor's Souselas Production Center, EDP's Ribatejo Thermoelectric Power Station, Repsol's Olefins Production/Area, Tejo Energia's Pego Thermoelectric Power Station and, finally, EDP's Lares Thermoelectric Power Station.

Thus, in 2021, the 'top' 10 was “dominated by the refining sector, production of electricity from natural gas, the cement sector, production of olefins and also the production of electricity in Pego using coal”, concluded the association.

The biggest increase in the list between 2020 and 2021, in addition to the Pego coal-fired power plant, was that of the Secil plant in Outão, with an increase in emissions of 6.3%.

Also noteworthy is the departure of the Sines Thermal Power Plant from the ten most polluting units, as it did not have any emissions last year, due to the end of the use of coal in electricity production, in 2021, as well as the departure of the Refinery [also of Petrogal, Galp] do Porto from the 'ranking', for having stopped its activity in the first half of 2021.