Meanwile, there is almost unanimity around Zelensky: 90% see him as an "example of courage".

55% of respondents in the Pitagórica poll for TVI and CNN Portugal agree or totally agree with the exceptional mobilisation of young Portuguese people for NATO.

One of the Russian arguments for the invasion is increasing pressure from NATO. The military alliance has slowly advanced eastward and last year even officially recognized Ukraine as an aspiring member.

Most Portuguese in the survey agree with Ukraine's entry into NATO.

But what should be the role of NATO in the war? Only 19% say the transatlantic alliance must fight alongside Ukraine against Russia. Most accept the sending of military equipment, but not direct participation in the conflict.

Finally, the survey found massive support for Zelensky, with 90% of respondents seeing the Ukrainian leader as an "example of courage", 63% recognise him as a hero and 59% agree that he could be an example for Portuguese politicians.