“In 2020, Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg were the most dependent countries (more than 90% of imported energy). The least dependent country was Estonia (11%),” said Pordata, the statistical database of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, in a statement.

Portugal occupied the 11th place (65%), above the EU average (58%), considering the 27 Member States, having been decreasing its dependence since 2000 (85%).

In 2020, Portugal imported 3,712,686 tons of oil, from Spain (57%), Russia (15%) and the USA (10%).

Natural gas imports amounted to almost 5,600 million normal cubic meters (Nm3), originating in Nigeria (54%), USA (19%), Russia (10%) and Algeria (9%).

Downward trajectory

“Of the 27 EU countries, 11 have increased this consumption. Portugal was the 6th country that most increased final energy consumption (26%), although since 2007 it has been on a downward trajectory. In this way, we were able to surpass the 2020 target we had set ourselves”, he said.

This year, renewable energy production in the EU was split between biomass (57%), wind (15%), hydro (13%), solar (7%) and geothermal (3%).